11 Reasons to Use Professional Images in Home For Sale Property Listings

October 11, 2017

Why images are important in home for sale property listings

home for saleAccording to National Association of Realtors, over 90% of homebuyers begin their search for home for sale online using internet. Hometaurus.com management researched the listings of properties from different sources and was amazed how many of them have unprofessional photos, limited amount of images and shots that do not represent properties in the best light for potential buyers to get interested. “Having unprofessional images can really hurt the seller as internet is full of real estate websites, and prospective buyers can access multiple sources in search for information on home for sale”, – says Bruno Linares, the founder of Hometaurus.com

There is a saying: “When you meet a man, you judge him by his clothes; when you leave, you judge him by his heart.” The same applies to the real estate market. Potential buyers are relying on images to get an impression of the home for sale before they decide to see it in person. Not to mention international buyers, who rely solely on the pictures of the property and the advice of the real estate agent when they make purchasing decisions.

According to the New York Institute of Photography , it is important to consider the number of photos, their quality and how well they describe the size and condition of the home for sale, the amenities, the property location and other important factors. If you are a home seller, you probably want to sell your home quickly and get the highest value for it. The quality of images, the photographic coverage of the home for sale can have a big impact on the saleability of the property. The photographs should be original as U.S. Copyright Office tracks the use of photos with copyright protection.

The Hometaurus team put together a list of 11 tips to help real estate agents and home sellers make a home for sale property listings more presentable and sellable by using images effectively.

11 Tips On How to Improve Image Quality of Home For Sale

Improve Image Quality
1. Use horizontal images for your property listings. Most real estate websites are designed to work best with horizontal (landscape layout) images of home for sale.

2. “Always use a tripod”, –  recommends the Hallmark Institute of Photography. The images will have a better angle and quality. Keep the camera straight and at a chest level. Tilting it makes side walls appear crooked.

3. Don’t get too close to objects with a wide lens because can create distortion, especially with rounded objects.

4. Avoid using a wide-angle lens in an interior shot as it makes the rooms of home for sale look smaller in the photo. This and many important    insight are available at National Press Photographers Association.

5. Use daylight and add artificial light to the dark areas of the house so that the picture of the home for sale doesn’t get dark spots.

6. Adjust brightness and contrast of the images. Bright interiors are more appealing to buyers than darker ones.

7. Make the room livelier by using prompts such as fruits, plants, magazines, towels.

8. Use furniture in the empty room, a chair, for example, can give a place the sense of scale.

9. If the home for sale is furnished, move the furniture to showcase the selling features such as floor to ceiling windows, fireplace, staircase, doors. Remove extra furniture so that rooms don’t look clustered

10. For outside pictures makes sure that there is no garbage lying around including garbage cans, toys, clothes.

11. Take a day to photograph the rooms of the home for sale at each of them may look better at a specific time of the day with natural light, as recommended by American Society of Media Photographers.

These tips on using quality images in property listing of a home for sale can make a big difference for home seller and real estate agent helping with the sales process. It is advisable to hire the professional photographer to ensure image quality and saleability of the property. You can find professional photographer at Gansoo service section of Hometaurus.com website.


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