12 Things to Make Homes for Rent Pet-Friendly Enviroment

October 12, 2017

What you need to know to make homes for rent pet-friendly

When checking houses for rent and moving your family and four-legged friend to a new home it is essential to make sure it is pet-friendly. If you consider your pets to be members of your family, you want to make sure that they are safe. Below is a list of various things (recommended by Purina) you can do to choose from many homes for rent and make your place pet-friendly.

Homes for sale chew1. Cable Protector. You can get cable protectors from your local hardware store to help prevent Fido from chewing on your cables like they are some chof things besides her chew toys. In fact, she chewed a nice hole in a leather jacket of mine and had my leather shoes for dessert. Try and keep an eye on what your dog is up to as often as you can and hang up your leather coat!

2. Child Locks. Make sure to install child locks on low cupboards in your homes for rent, and this will help to keep your four-legged family members safe from things that might be in cupboards such as toxic cleaners.

3. Remove Toxic Products. Try and remove toxic products from your homes for rent. That could be life threatening not only to your dog but also to small children in your home. Try to switch to green non-toxic cleaners. They will not only be better for your pets and children, but they are also better for the environment as well.

4. Keep Toilet Lid Closed. It is important that all of your family members understand the importance of keeping the toilet lid down when not in use in homes for rent. Some dogs like to drink out of toilets if given a chance. You do not want your dog drinking out of the toilet and get poison from toilet cleaners. You should use green cleaning products if you have pets and young children in your homes for rent. Also, try to keep the bathroom door closed to keep the dog out. Make your bathroom a no-dog zone teaching your dog to stay out of this room in homes for rent.

5. Space Bars. Make sure to have screens on your windows to help prevent your dog from jumping out of window and space bars to keep them safe on the balcony. Dogs do not have the same height and depth perception that we do, so it is best not to let them go out on the balcony unsupervised.

6. Non-Skid Mats. These are good to have at the outside doors of homes for rent, to help prevent your dog from slipping on the floor when they come running in the house. These mats could prevent them from falling and receiving an injury.

Homes for rent7. Keep Doors Shut. Make sure to explain to your family members how important it is to keep the doors of your new homes for rent shut. Perhaps you are getting a dog for the first time now that you are moving to a new home? Make sure that your family knows that with getting a dog is a responsibility. Explain to your family that if the doors get left open, the dog could run out onto the street and get seriously hurt or even killed.

8. Fires & Candles. Make sure that your homes for rent have a guard around the fireplace to protect your family and pets from getting sparks. Do not have open flames such as candles around pets as this is just asking for trouble. You do not want a fire to start in your new homes for rent because your dog’s tail accidentally knocked over a candle.

9. Keep Hazardous Plants Away from Your Dog. Before moving your dog into your new homes for rent, check the area of the yard that will be housing your dog to make sure there is no poisonous plants grow there. There are a lot of shrubs and plants that are hazardous to dogs.

Common Plants in homes for rent to Watch Out for:

House Plants – Poinsettia, Mistletoe, Philodendron

Garden Plants- Hydrangea, Yew, Foxglove, Tomato, Daffodil, Lily, and Azalea

You should have at least a six-foot fence around your garden area in your homes for rent to keep a medium sized dog out of your garden area.

10. Garage. If your new home has a garage, it should not be used as a place to house your dog. It may contain items such as anti-freeze, which is highly toxic to your dog.

11. Cocoa Chips. When doing the landscaping at your new homes for rent, do not use cocoa chips because they are poisonous to dogs.

12. Foods. These are good to have at the outside doors of homes for rent, to help prevent your dog from slipping on the floor when they come running in the house. These mats could prevent them from falling and receiving an injury.When setting up your new kitchen to help make it a pet-friendly area, make sure to remove certain foods, so they are not accessible by your pet. Your pets are like humans. They may develop allergic reactions to certain foods that people eat. Most times it takes a second exposure for the pet to display noticeable side effects such as lethargy, upset stomach or in severe cases death. Below is a list of foods that pets are allergic to according to American Society for the Prevention to Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)

Pet friendly homes for rentToxic Foods Pets Allergic to Food Possible Reactions

Alcohol:Ā  Can lead to alcohol poisoning which can cause death

Salt: Dogs, Cats, Rodents can cause excessive thirst and urination, death if consumed in large amounts.

Onions: Dogs, Cats can damage red blood cells can lead to anemia ifconsumed in large amounts.

Mushrooms: Dogs – can cause shock and death.

Tomato and Tomato Plants Dogs, Cats causes gastrointestinal problems.

Xylitol sweetener: Dogs causes liver failure decreased coordination, gastrointestinal problems.

Dough, Raw Yeast: All can cause gastrointestinal problems can lead to stomach or intestinal rupture.

Grapes/raisins: Dogs, Cats can damage kidney.

Chocolate, Caffeine: Dogs, Cats causes gastrointestinal problems, can lead to coma or death

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