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Google Mobile Search Update Affect on Real Estate Websites

How Google Mobile Search Update Affected Real Estate The real estate industry has developed rapidly over the years. Internet provides buyers an easy access to view homes and properties that they are looking to purchase. Many buyers do research on Read More

real estate apps

Real estate apps

Real estate apps that simplify and grow your business With mobile technologies people want to access information of the go. Whether its online shopping, gaming or personal training routine, there is a need to access information in real time. Many Read More

smart home technology

Smart Home Technology

Is Smart Home Technology Here To Stay? It’s a known fact that we, the 21st century people, live in a smart generation. The “smart” revolution is one of the greatest and most advantageous things that happened to human race after Read More

Buy Home

What You Need To Consider When Buying a Home

However exciting it may seem, buying a home is a major decision that requires research, budgeting and careful planning. A small mistake may end up being a nightmare of a lifetime. When buying a home, Hometaurus real estate marketplace has Read More


Finding Real Estate Agent

Buying or selling a home can be one of the most challenging things one can encounter in their lifetime, because it has a major impact on their financial decisions.  That is why it is important to engage a professional real Read More

Miami house

Miami House Market For Russian Buyers

Miami house market had fully recovered from real estate crush of 2008. It is now stronger then ever with many opportunities to buy, sell, build and remodel. New condos are breaking ground every month, including such areas as Sunny Isles, Read More

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